Fine Art Photography Color Scape Studio | About

Color Scape Studio offers original photographic compositions that reflect the fluid nature of light, color, shape, and linewhen stripped of form. Founded in October 2012 by its principal, Louis Henri Pingitore, and located at 5 Pemberton Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, its mission is to inspire a more expansive way of perceiving reality, by juxtaposing what we see with what can be imagined.

The process employed is an in-camera technique, using a single exposure and natural directional light. Minimal editing of color saturation and balance has been done post-production, and no Photoshop is used.

The captured moments reveal a parallel universe in which reality and possibility commingle playfully. In this world, the opposites, color/tone, line/shape, light/dark, and push/pull, merge and clash to create dynamic tensions that resolve into peaceful, life-affirming, harmonic images.

The son of a U.S. diplomat, Pingitore was born in 1963 in Paris, France. His childhood was spent living in far-flung outposts such as Mogadishu (Somalia), Oran (Algeria), Peshawar (Pakistan), and Port-au-Prince (Haiti), alternating with a year’s post at home base in Washington, D.C. As an adult, Pingitore has also traveled widely, visiting countries as diverse as Cuba, India, Indonesia and Kenya. In 1989, he made his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he now lives with his wife Oksana, their son Victor, daughter Zaida, and their two cats.

An avid photographer since childhood, Pingitore had a breakthrough in 2009 when he developed a new photographic expression of light. He has studied extensively under the artist-instructor Remy Dubois at FACIL-Art, a Cambridge-based, French-American language and art collaborative. Dubois has praised his work as “hauntingly beautiful,” and declared that Pingitore “has created a new form of photography.” A recent review by Gallery 263 (Cambridge) has called Pingitore’s work “absolutely stunning.” Pingitore is a member of Cambridge Art Association, North Cambridge Arts Association, Gallery 263 (Cambridge) and the Arts & Business Council of Greater Boston.  His work can be seen on exhibit or at Color Scape Studio by appointment.