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moonbow triptych, expression photography, black white redMoonBow Triptychn a rainbow formed by the light of the moon
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In viewing this abstract expressionist gallery we might think about the origin of the polyptych as an art form. The first western examples of these multi-paneled works are found during the Renaissance as altarpieces in churches and cathedrals. The aesthetic has sustained and transcended its religious origin.

Propylon Triptych

propylon triptych, rainbow silica, cambridge photography

MoonBow Triptych

moonbow triptych, expression photography, black white red

Exoergic Triptych

exoergic triptych, abstract expressionist, abstract landscape

Lushnesses Triptych

lushness triptych, beams of light, cambridge photography

Anthelia Hexaptych (Double Triptych)

cambridge photography, anthelia, hexaptych

Hyetal Triptych

hyetal triptych, yellow flame, photographers in cambridge

Omphalos Triptych

omphalos triptych, abstract light beams

Revenant Triptych

revenant triptych, abstract rainbow, digital fine art

Nebule Triptych

nebule triptych, color spectrum, photography art gallery

Ciboria Triptych

ciboria triptych, blue and red, art gallery photos

Ontic Triptych

ontic triptych, the scape artist, soft colors

Thymy Triptych

thymy triptych, abstract rainbow, photographers in cambridge

Vatical Triptych

Vatical Triptych